Jammers can solve all network problems

Fortunately, Karsten Nohl, who discovered this feat, was the so-called « white pirate ». He did not release information about the exploit, but passed it on to the GSM Association, which notified all major operators. Therefore, we hope that mobile operators have taken measures to protect our private data, otherwise it will become our priority.

The second method is to use these OTA messages to update the SIM card. Your operator can update your 3DES DES encryption algorithm and prevent the installation of third-party Java applets. In addition, you can replace it with a better protected SIM Brouilleur Téléphone card, which has no such feat. If you suspect that your phone is damaged, another solution is to use a phone jammer.

pple AirPort Express 2012 is their new router. For only $100, you can buy an excellent device that can act as a dual-band router, providing fast wireless Internet access for everyone in your home. In addition, it also has AirPlay support, allowing you to convert any music device in your home into an AirPlay music system. Oh, if you want to configure this router, there is also the AirPort Utility application.

The technology used to create it is different from everyday cameras. A conventional lens focuses each beam of light into the sensor, which then classifies these rays to generate the final image through the imaging processor. However, due to the limited size, the camera does not have a traditional lens. Instead, the network it uses allows light from almost any direction to enter. When light enters each grid with a tiny spiral pattern, it will be processed using a CMOS sensor. Then modify and convert these models into real images. The main problem these scientists face is that the resolution of the scratched image has not yet been reached. The best image they can develop is 128×128 megapixels.

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