Jammers can help teenagers drive safely

Everyone! The problem of texting while driving is my top priority, because my relatives are injured by such drivers. I want to know: What’s new in this field? Recently, we asked the QA Wiki service a question about vulnerable DES encrypted SIM cards and protection methods. News about this feat has been released via webcast, and Google has provided hundreds of thousands of clicks for « 750 million vulnerable SIM cards. » In this article, jammer-shop.com/fr will try to clarify the operation of this feat, which is really dangerous.

In fact, this vulnerability is not as dangerous as the media tried to describe. We must also explain that no virus can crack the SIM card, simply because the virus can reproduce and spread more. If the DES vulnerability is successfully exploited, the infected SIM card will not be able to infect others. So basically, this is a remote attack method on a smartphone Brouilleur Téléphone.

The latest achievement in texting while driving is the « AT&T It Can Wait » campaign initiated by Victoria Justice. AT&T Foundry has created a new app (not yet named) that parents can use to monitor, control and improve the driving behavior of teenagers who drive themselves.

Parents who use this system (which, by the way, is a good addition to the AT&T DriveMode app), can track all activities of teenagers and turn off phone calls and texting when necessary. The app collects all statistical information, which can be used later to see whether the driving behavior of the teenager has improved over time. Although AT&T’s unnamed app is not yet fully available and is still in development, you can use the SMS function while driving a GPS jammer and send text messages while driving until AT&T can wait for the unnamed app to complete It is also available to ensure that young people are protected from dangerous situations on the road.

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